The Ocean Photographed Like This Before

unduhan-35Brian Bielmann

The incredible image above was taken by world class photographer Brian Bielmann off the coast of Hawaii. The image was created to help Brian celebrate 40 years of being a surf photographer. I think we can all agree that the image is compelling in more ways than one!

But as Brian has discovered, even the best still images can be made better by adding motion to them. As we introduced in an earlier article, there is a new web cloud-based platform that has allowed Brian and other photographers from around the globe to easily add motion graphics to their still images. That platform is Plotagraph

As you can see above, Plotagraph allows you to add dynamic looping content to a single still image. There’s no messing about with multiple still images or videos – you upload one still image and use Plotagraph’s easy-to-use interface to add layers, crop the image, feather edges, and a whole host of other advanced controls. I think you will agree that the results are quite incredible! What was a stunning still image has become an even more eye-catching motion graphic with movement all around the surfer that draws you deeper into the shot.

The best part is that Plotagraph’s simple interface and online community makes it easy to create and share images like the one above. Start creating dynamic content today by visiting Plotagraph.