Simple Tricks Spice Up Your Photos

Whether you’re just starting out as a photographer or you’ve been doing it for many years, there is always room to learn and grow. What’s more, there are always some interesting tricks out there that can help you spice up your photos and create something that’s a touch more interesting than the photos you normally take.

In that spirit, the Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) created the video below, in which they highlight nine easy-to-use tricks that will give your photos that extra bit of pop. Whether it’s using perspective to make objects look bigger, making your own DIY macro lens, or learning how to create bokeh, the video below has some excellent tips that will help you take your photos to another level. Check it out!

If you take portraits, a collapsible reflector will be one of your top tools. Many reflectors come in a 5-in-1 kit with various colors that give you different types and intensities of light, including gold and silver. Even better, you can use a black reflector to add shadowing or a white reflector to diffuse light, all of which fold up into a tidy package that’s easy to carry.

No matter where you go, no matter what you’re photographing, your lens and camera will get dusty. All that dust needs to be removed somehow, and a blower is the best way to do that. Just a few puffs from a blower can get a good portion of the dust off your lens glass and camera sensor. And the more dust you can get rid of, the less likely it is to show up in your images (or negatively impact the functioning of your gear). As a result, a blower is a must-have accessory for any photography outing!

Cleaning Cloth

As important as it is to get rid of dust, it’s equally important to ensure your lens glass is absolutely clean. Fingerprints and smudges can render otherwise gorgeous photos useless, so having a lens cloth or two with you will help you do some housekeeping with your lenses as you’re out shooting. Don’t forget the lens cleaning solution either!