Annoying Kinds of Photographers

If you’ve taken a reasonable number of photos in your life at any popular destination, the chances are that you’ve encountered a photographer that just rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe they talked incessantly. Perhaps they tried to copy your photo. The might have even tried to teach you a thing or two without you asking them to do so.

Or, even worse, maybe the annoying photographer is you.

Either way, Tony and Chelsea Northrup feel that it’s important that we all understand the most fundamental annoyances so we can avoid committing these sins (and maybe let others know when they commit these sins too). They’ve created a hilarious video (see below) that exhorts us all to be on our best behavior.

The Copycat

You’ve done all the hard work of getting there early and painstakingly setting up the ideal shot. Then what happens? Another photographer gets up in your space to try and replicate the shot you’ve tried so hard to get. What’s even worse is when the offender proclaims that they’re a photographer too and that you should check out their work!

The Chatty Cathy

For many of us, photography is a fun activity that we do to relax and unwind. For others, photography is a job that requires the utmost concentration to get the shots that are needed. But that’s hard to do when a Chatty Cathy arrives and talks your ear off. Whether it’s a friend on a photo walk with you or a random stranger that wants to shoot the breeze about photography, the result is the same – it’s hard to concentrate on taking high-quality photos when all you hear is chatter in your ear.